T: Dead, yes, that’s what I thought. But it seems it wasn’t so. Apparently, Queen Mecha Sally’s didn’t kill him 5 years ago; rather, she took him prisoner. She locked him up in a tiny cell where he had no room to run, no windows to see out of, and no people to interact with, other than her. And she beat him senseless and gave him little to no food, at that. He’s gone so far off the deep end because of it that he’s actually begun to like the pain.

T: I just… in a sick way, I feel like this is what he gets for being so out of it in the five years before his imprisonment, but… can I honestly say that? I can barely think of him as Sonic anymore. He’s still dead to me in my mind, and I can’t deny that. But he needs help. He’ll probably never be the same Sonic I knew when I was a child, but this is no way to let anyone live…

—> … So I had been right. When I thought that was your Sonic — I had been right.

(He takes a meaningful pause, flattening his ears against his skull as he does so. He’d been viewing Sonic back then in a ‘scientific’ way, and the thought of that frightens him. He saw him as a mere Mobian, not as Sonic. Not as Sonic Sonic Sonic. Although he was shocked at his condition, it didn’t affect him as deeply as it should have.

Then there’s his Sonic. Maybe it’s because it was by outside sources rather than through pressure like the other Tails’s Sonic, but he can’t… He just doesn’t die to him. He bites his lip; he’s done so before when talking to the other, but the nervous habit is now visible. He’s gotten more of those over the years, not less. Well, two years. The stress is really taking him.)

—> I didn’t really think of him as Sonic when I saw him, either. And yet…

—> I can’t look at my own Sonic that way. I wish I had that sense of apathy. It would make it easier to deal with him — but I know I could never…

—> Maybe it’s because of all he’s done for me. I always think about that. There have been the good times and the bad, but over all he’s nurtured and taken care of me at a time when no one else stepped up to the plate. And I don’t want to let him down because of that. It doesn’t matter that he’s changed, because who he was is still with me. If we free him from the serum and he’s… different, it’s not going to matter to me. (He realizes this as he says it, slowly sinking in, and he nods more assuredly.) I may not have the same relationship with the “new” Sonic as the old, but he’s still Sonic. And he would have wanted me to give him a chance…

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T: Yeah, we don’t have a specific leader, so we keep reports to help us all strategize together. It also helps draw us all together, since we don’t have anyone like Nicole to come back to… man, it’s been forever since I’ve thought about her…

T: (He coughs) Anyway, I’m sorry to hear about your team. It sounds like you’re going through a lot over there… and we are, too, but at least we’re united, right…? (He sighs again) Of course, that’s not stopping us from having arguments. I certainly didn’t get along with Geoffrey last night…

T: (He straightens himself again) But that doesn’t matter. Either way, I hope things work out eventually between you and Sonic. Knowing how bad it feels to see the Sonic I know the way he is now… if anything, I hope you’re able to find peace with it all someday.

(Tails’s ear twitches as he listens to his other self speak. Ah, Nicole — he’s familiar with her. They don’t have her anymore, either.

It’s nice being able to talk to his other self, anyway. Just with someone who can relate to what he’s going through. Not necessarily the ‘team’ part, but just about everything else. Though, there’s one thing that struck the sixteen-year-old as strange…)

—> ‘See the Sonic you know the way he is now?’ Didn’t you say he was…

(He quiets himself after immaturely blurting out. He lowers his ears; he thought he was over that.)

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Now I’m starting to wonder if anyone legitimately ships it.

(he’s totally gay for Epilogue!Tails

fuck ghsdghsdghsdgh)


T: (He nods and gives a small smile.) Thanks. Either way, though, it’s my turn to write up the report on the mission, so I guess you’ll hear about it either way… (He groans.)

—> You write up reports?

(That’s a bit interesting to him. Thinking the question may sound a little strange to his other self, he hastily elaborates,)

—> When we go on missions, we don’t write up reports… Mainly because I’m the one who leads them, manages them, etc. So I’m the only one who can actually use that information…

—> I tried to get the others to help, but most of them are cynical. … I guess I am a little, too, but at least I’m trying.

—> Not to mention our missions nowadays don’t even involve taking down the opposite side. We’re usually trying to figure out a way to get Sonic back with us. Some say it’s a hopeless cause. … Iiit probably is. But there’s no harm in trying, I guess…

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T: (He sighs, relieved.) Thanks, other me.

T: (Then he tilts his head to the side) … I of all people would recognize that look of curiosity, though.

(Tails can’t help but giggle nervously at that, which sounds rather cracked; laughing is an activity he seldom practices. He expected his other self to see it. He’s him, of course.)

—> I won’t lie, I am curious. But… Y’know. Gotta respect your wishes. You’d do the same if we swapped positions… Right?

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T: I’m… okay, I guess. (He doesn’t meet the other Tails’s gaze.) The mission the others and I were just on was much longer than it should’ve and lots of… interesting things happened, I guess you could say. I’m not sure if I wanna talk about it…

(Automatically, the sixteen-year-old’s reaction is one of concern. Yes, he’s heard of the mission. But what exactly happened during it? He can’t help but be curious, but he flicks his ear, scolding himself. It’s clear that it’s making his other self uncomfortable; it might not be the best idea to push him.)

—> It’s up to you.

(His voice is soft and patient.)

—> We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. I-I’d be willing either way…

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Another younger version of himself? Guess it’s not just Sonics that are spawning like rabbits anymore.

He glances down at the little one, ears flicking as he gives him an assured grin. It’s practiced.

Hey, little buddy.

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twotailedmechanic replied to your post: STOP ALERTING ME THAT MY DASHBOARD HAS UPDATED…

Mine does that a lot too..

isn’t it just so annoying

Yup. And then I get notifications that say something like ‘29’ and it’s really only 2…stupid thing failed maths I bet!

There are three types of people in this world, those who can count and those who can’t.

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